Courses for Financial Institutions

It’s a tough world for community financial institutions today—and the cards are often stacked against us. So how can your financial institution satisfy shareholder concerns, avoid risk, and ultimately ensure its legacy?

Performance Trust University® offers a suite of strategic asset liability and investment portfolio management educational programs for community financial institutions to help them take control of their future and make better risk/reward decisions.


Principles of Performance

A 3-day accelerated learning experience that focuses on the timeless truths of fixed-income investing and introduces new techniques for applying the same disciplines to the entire balance sheet.


Advanced Course

An invitation-only course that applies our methodology to understanding current market trends and industry analysis. By focusing our disciplined approach on the current environment, we provide you with the knowledge, insights and tools that are key to helping your institution thrive in uncertain times.


Earning Your Independence

An executive-level program that introduces an integrated approach to managing risk and reward across the balance sheet—while dynamically measuring the effect of all choices on enterprise risk positions and comparing this risk to the entire industry.