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A Lesson about Keeping our Secrets

October 28, 2002
Eric C. Brown

I would like to share an exciting story about a recommendation Shape ManagementSM produced a year ago, and the value of our collective policy of non-disclosure and non-circumvention that it demonstrates. It is basically a story in three parts: the good news, the good memories, and the good lesson.

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One Move Ahead

October 23, 2002
Eric C. Brown

If you attended either the June or the September editions of the 2002 Advanced CourseSM, you will recall that we devoted two talks to the topic “Best Moves We’ve Seen You Make.”

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Can’t Scratch the Itch

October 18, 2002
Kurt A. Fritz

Have you ever had a song get stuck in your head? For many months, I have been quietly humming Rocky Top to myself (wife, kids, co-workers, etc). I can’t shake it. “Good ‘ole Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee…” The other thing I can’t shake is a nagging concern I have about this market. Many of you have heard Craig Johnson touch on this theme at the Advanced CourseSM – it is the dilemma regarding all these options we are all “short” a.k.a. prepayment risk. Craig’s talk focused on several aspects of the market, which on the surface differed from his intuition including the surprisingly good performance of current coupon sequentials. As Craig and I discussed his talk, several offshoots of his theme popped into the forefront of my brain. I Kurt A. Fritz couldn’t shake ‘em. Let me explain.

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A Different Twist on Deposit Growth and Funding

October 16, 2002
Girish M. Patel

Several days ago, a community banker asked us to look at a new product that is designed to attract deposits and / or provide funding. New products always pique our curiosity and we were excited to examine this one.

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Trust Preferred Update

October 9, 2002
Craig Johnson

As our second trust preferred (TPref Funding II) transaction of 2002 comes to a close, I would like to update you regarding our involvement in the issuance of trust preferred securities.

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