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Trust Preferred Update III…

January 24, 2003
Craig Johnson

I am writing to announce the issuance of another Trust Preferred Funding deal, the MM Community Funding IX. We will participate with Salomon Smith Barney and are planning a mid-to-late March 2003 close for the current deal.

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The January 2002-2003 One-Year Look-Back®

January 23, 2003
Disciplined Investor®

The purpose of this teleconference is to validate our methodology by looking back at The Disciplined Investor® Volume 9, Number 3, “The January 2002 Level Playing Field®.” We encourage you to review that document in preparation for the teleconference. If you no longer have it or have joined us since its publication, please call your advisor to have it sent to you.

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January 10, 2003
Kurt A. Fritz

In a previous Disciplined Investor, “We Can Never Take the Bond Math on Faith” (Volume 9, Number 15, dated April 3, 2002) many of you will remember Girish Patel’s account of inaccurate Bloomberg analytics. For those who may have missed it, the main theme of his article was to always “trust but verify” someone else’s bond math.

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Where Are Rates Headed This Year? (Same Song, Umpteenth Verse)

January 6, 2003
Eric C. Brown, Seung Y. Lee

Every year for the past several years (and now every six months), the Wall Street Journal publishes a survey of fifty-odd economists with their projections for future interest rates (as well as other economic indicators).

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