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A Call to Action:

December 4, 2003
Andy Hixson, Seung Lee

This is a revised version of today’s Call to Action. In our efforts to present “Call to Action” information in a timely manner, haste is required. When time permitted today, we discovered a couple of minor errors. In addition, while correcting these, we also took the opportunity to add a few clarifying textual revisions.

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Bumpin’ on Up

December 1, 2003
David V. Raphael

In this Disciplined Investor®, we will utilize Shape ManagementSM to evaluate a liability product that has been around for a few years, but is picking up steam in the marketplace – the bump-up CD. We’ll explain the structure, examine its intended purpose, and provide you with a framework to evaluate whether the bump-up CD has a role in your liability portfolio. What we will come to discover is that this product looks attractive on a total cost basis if we strongly believe that only a limited number of depositors will ever take advantage of the “bump-up” feature embedded in this CD.

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