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Ten Years on the Path to Great Performance

February 22, 2006
John P. Behof

Just the other day I realized that I am approaching my ten year anniversary in the bond business. Most people think I am too young to have done anything for ten years, but it’s true. I must say that the journey has been filled with many great experiences and victories as well as many humbling moments.

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The January 2005-2006 One-Year Look-Back®

February 10, 2006
The Disciplined Investor®

Our chief objective is to partner with you along the path of Great Performance. We view great performance as a relative matter of peer out performance. Two clear ways we have found to get onto this path is by investing in the right sectors and combinations thereof, and also by avoiding poor sectors via divestment or by steering clear of poor risk/rewards as investments.

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Support VADMs A Superior Callable Bond Alternative

February 2, 2006
Richard S. Berg

Editors Note: For many of you, the current rate environment is causing net interest margin compression and earnings pressure. Portfolio managers are being encouraged to find ways to increase the portfolio yield. While we are fond of saying “yield is not what you get,” we are not ignorant of your everyday realities. Some portfolio managers may be mandated to increase current income. In this article we look at a mortgage alternative to agency callables that provides superior current income while keeping an eye on total return.

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