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Bonds are Dangerous!

April 25, 2012
John Behof

Extremes in absolute rate-levels—such as today’s proximity to the hard floor of zero—lead to an asymmetry in “bond logic.” In these situations, we must adjust our normal thought processes in order to seek outperformance.

I recently marked the 16th anniversary of the day I first joined Performance Trust, and it seems like with each passing year of my tenure I’ve become more convinced of the superiority of our Shape Management® methodology over alternative methods that many depository institutions use to select bonds and sectors for investment.

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Bloomberg Median Speeds: Six Analytical Issues

April 12, 2012
Charlie Carpenter

"You want me to buy that???”

I had never gotten that reaction from a client before, and it was especially unusual coming from a veteran who had been harvesting the fruits of Shape Management® for years. However, I cannot say his reaction was a complete surprise—I had noticed the “ugly part” of the Performance Trust Write-Up and had half expected some kind of a reaction.

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