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The May 2000 - May 2003 Three-Year Look-Back®

May 29, 2003
Eric C. Brown

The purpose of this teleconference is to validate our methodology by looking back at The Disciplined Investor® Volume 7, Number 24, “The May 2000 Level Playing Field®.” We encourage you to review that document in preparation for the teleconference. If you no longer have it or have joined us since its publication, please call your advisor to have it sent to you.

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Liability Select / Part II

May 27, 2003
Brad Bonga, Craig Johnson, Larry Levin

Our goal is to reduce our cost of funds in the same way that the Agencies (Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, etc.) have been doing for years. Currently, we can fund with floating rates and fixed rates but we are at the mercy of the marketplace. Funding with a customized callable liability that has been specifically crafted for your individual institution allows you to control your liability destiny.

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Trust Preferred Update IV...

May 21, 2003
Craig S. Johnson

We are announcing the issuance of another Trust Preferred Funding deal, the MM Community Funding X, with Citigroup (formerly Salomon Smith Barney). We are beginning to collect collateral for the current deal that is planned to close late July 2003.

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Introducing the Strategic Credit Union Portfolio

May 15, 2003
Andrew J. Hixson

Over the past few years, our strategic partnerships with credit unions have grown steadily and since a credit union investment portfolio is generally different from a bank portfolio, we introduced a Typical Credit Union Portfolio in the March 2003 Level Playing Field®. With this newly introduced typical portfolio, I took on the challenge of designing a Strategic Credit Union Portfolio that would outperform this “benchmark.”

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The 2003 Advanced Course℠: Driving Strategy into Dollars

May 8, 2003
Nicholas W. Betzold, Jr.

Volatility was the theme of last year’s Advanced CourseSM. And as we have seen since that program, the world continues to be a volatile place fraught with peril for those who are unprepared. As I’m sure you agree, last year’s theme was very timely! Those of you who attended last year acquired knowledge and skills that have, once again, paid off handsomely over the ensuing year.

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