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Some Counter-Intuitive Truths About Prepayments

September 24, 2001
Eric C. Brown

Recently I caught myself in a misconception about prepayments. I knew the truth intellectually, but my intuitive “feel” was definitely wrong. I thought I’d share my “rediscovery” with you, just in case you are where I was.

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Interim Shape Management Update

September 21, 2001
Eric Brown, Girish M. Patel

As you know, our plans to run a September 2001 Level Playing Field® were disrupted last week. The good news is we are not allowing evildoers to undermine next week’s (September 26-28) Advanced Course™, which is still slated to be our best-attended event ever.

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Big Calls, Thin Trading, Suspect Advice

September 13, 2001
Eric Brown

The Home Loan Bank, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are calling bonds like crazy. Nothing like an efficient call. I’m being told the calls are across the curve.

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A Call to Action: Trojan Horse Alert!

September 10, 2001
Eric C. Brown

In the last couple of days we have had experienced, knowledgeable customers show us what they believed to be tempting bonds. These bonds are Trojan Horse bonds.

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