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US STOCKS – Market Tumble on Rethink of Fed Stimulus

October 27, 2010

Brian Battle, Director at Performance Trust Capital Partners, comments on bond purchases by the Federal Reserve. “There are a lot of reasons to not like the market right now,” he said. “We’ve come a long way, it looks like the Fed won’t ease as much as we thought, and while earnings are OK, future prospects look iffy.”

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Battle: It Doesn’t Get Easier After Election Day

Oct 26, 2010
MarketWatch Morning Stock Talk

Brian Battle, Director at Performance Trust Capital Partners, tells MarketWatch’s Tracy Johnke that this period of uncertainly requires careful stock picking.

Election Day won't provide all the answers investors need, said Battle. "Just the fact that we get through the midterms might give us some indication of how things are going to go, but it might take two, or three, or four, even six more months to figure out what the regulatory landscape, tax landscape's going to be," he said.

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Chicago finds creative use for Build America Bonds

Oct 24, 2010
Chicago Tribune

Brian Battle, Director at Performance Trust Capital Partners, comments on Chicago’s plan to use a federal subsidy designed to facilitate the issuance of construction revenue bonds as a way to patch a hole in the city’s budget.

“If the city keeps doing one-time gimmicks or assets sales or borrowing from reserve funds to balance its budget, credit-rating agencies will look skeptically at that repetitive behavior,” Battle said.

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US STOCKS—Nasdaq Rallies 1 pct on Google, Banks Weigh on Dow

October 15, 2010

Brian Battle, Director at Performance Trust Capital Partners, discussed market concerns arising from documentation issues with foreclosures.

"The real downside potential of this issue is unknowable. It could be a multi-billion dollar problem,” said Battle. “This could end up being a problem with the financial system like we saw in 2008.”

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Stocks: Bracing for a rocky October

October 3, 2010

Brian Battle, Director at Performance Trust Capital Partners, discusses what the month of October may look like for investors.

Midterm elections: The stomach churning ahead of the midterm elections -- which could bring with it new regulation and tax policies -- is likely to keep investors from jumping in, said Brian Battle.

"Everyone takes their bets off the table before an election because of three levels of uncertainty," said Battle. "The first unknown is if conservatives re-take the House or Senate, the second is if they do, what their policies are going to be and whether they get them voted on, and the last thing is whether Obama vetoes it."
Earnings: The uncertain political climate is also causing businesses to exercise caution, said Battle.

"If Republicans do take the House, that will be good for companies and good for the markets because it will be a very pro-business environment," said Battle. "But until we have that clarity, it's really tough for corporations to make business decisions and project future earnings without knowing what tax policies and regulation will look like."

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Factory Activity Growth Slows in September

October 1, 2010

Brian Battle, Director at Performance Trust Capital Partners, is one of six market experts interviewed in this story to analyze manufacturing numbers for September released by the Institute for Supply Management.

"The data should take the wind out of the camp thinking there's no inflation to worry about, but the data is going to be unreliable on a month-to-month basis since the recovery is so uneven. It's going to be very volatile and there's a lot of uncertainty about the labor market and government policy,” said Brian Battle.

"The construction spending number is background noise, and while the sentiment number was good, a change of 1 point isn't a trend. If you graph the number over the past few months, it could signal that we have a little downdraft going here. It is very difficult to be an investor right now because signals are being crossed."

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