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Stocks drop on banks and Microsoft

January 22, 2009

Brian Battle comments on the day’s financial markets. “We’re back to the volatility levels we saw in November, where it’s up 250 one day, down 250 the next, only it’s going to feel more dramatic this time because the Dow is at 8,000," Battle said.

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Chicago-area execs offer bailout advice

January 21, 2009
The Chicago Tribune

Rich Berg was asked to comment on what the government should do to get banks to lend.  “Currently, financial institutions face potential mark-to-market accounting for ‘impaired’ loans and securities," Berg said. “Until this rule is changed, these institutions will be tight with lending."

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The job market is worse than you think

January 8, 2009

Brian Battle reacts to the latest government unemployment numbers.   He said it was important to note that the average workweek declined from 33.5 hours in November to 33.3 hours in December, and that spooked him more than the other numbers. “It looks like people that are still employed are working less," Battle said. “That portends more job cuts in the future.  Companies might be keeping people now, but eventually will have to let them go if they are working less."

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Stocks knocked by recession fears

January 7, 2009

Brian Battle comments on the day’s financial markets. “Attendance is higher and people are paying attention again to the numbers," Battle said. “I don’t think the job news is that surprising, but it’s a reminder that we continue to face a global economic erosion." He said some uncertainly about the timeline and content of an economic stimulus plan was also in the mix.

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