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Why This Treasury Market Rout Is So Painful

December 21, 2016
Wall Street Journal

There is a rout in the bond market due to the rise in yield on the 10-year Treasury note, which has caused prices to drop. Performance Trust’s Andrew Pace comments on the rise and how duration is causing the rout to be more painful for investors than it would have been 30 years ago.

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New Chicago Schools Credit Draws Strong Demand

December 19, 2016
Bond Buyer

Investors purchase Chicago Public Schools’ A rated capital improvement tax bonds. The reaction drove the group to release a greater size than anticipated, showing the strong demand and positive sentiment to the initial release and ratings. Brian Battle comments on the market reaction to the bond sale, sharing his insight on the deal and overall reaction with Bond Buyer.

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CPS borrows $729M for capital projects; $215M pension fix expires

December 15, 2016
Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Public Schools was able to sell $729 million in bonds, which will be used to fund capital spending (i.e., overcrowding relief, school modernization, and critical repairs). However, this does not solve the issue of the $215 million that the district still needs to come up with for pension costs. Performance Trust muni strategist Brian Battle comments on the recent sale and why it does not solve the district’s long-term problems.

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Chicago School Deal's Single-A Rating Buoys Market Access

December 9, 2016
Bond Buyer

Chicago Public Schools is preparing to release an inaugural sale of bonds and has received legal opinions endorsing the deal. Brian Battle shares his insight into the new Chicago Schools bond issuance and its rating, touching on the structure of the bonds and how they received an A rating. Brian mentions the ratings and how they benefit in terms of the market access that is received.

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Wall Street, bond prices jump as markets await ECB meeting

December 7, 2016

US stocks jump and bond prices climb as investors prepare for European Central Bank (ECB) announcement. Market reaction is a sign of preparation for the unknown. Industry specialists comment on the possible outcomes from the ECB announcement. Brian Battle of Performance Trust comments on the impending announcement and the bond market trends and potential reaction.

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Dow, S&P Hit Highs; Trump Comment Hammers Drug Stocks

December 7, 2016
Fox Business

Wall Street surges, continuing its rally since the U.S. Presidential Election. Industry leaders comment on the growth and the current trends, including the rally in bond prices. Brian Battle of Performance Trust comments on the current rally and what it means for other areas of the market.

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US STOCKS-Dow, S&P 500 surge to highs; transports set record

December 7, 2016

Brian Battle shares his insight into current market trends. Wednesday saw a significant surge with the Dow hitting record intraday highs as the market continues its gains since the presidential election. Brian touches on the bond market rally, which has seen some significant movement over the past few weeks. Within the bond market, the greatest change has been seen in the long end of the market as investors are focusing on high-dividend stocks.

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