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US Markets Shaky Start after Easter, NASDAQ Composite Succeeds to Close in Green

April 26, 2011
USA Market News

The stakeholders were expecting to find out more about the Federal Reserve’s plans about the closing stages of its $600.00 billion bond-purchasing program, known as quantitative easing. The vice president of trading at Performance Trust Capital Partners, Brian Battle, shared his thoughts that the most important thing for the week would be what the Fed plans to do. Battle said if the Fed ends quantitative relaxation, the investors would find that the economy could support its own operation without any blackening from outside.

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Stocks Gain Slightly As Close Nears; Chips Fall

April 4, 2011

Stocks could start to move later this week if the European Central Bank raises interest rates on Thursday to stem inflation, as investors consider the implications for U.S. rate policy, according to Brian Battle, vice president of trading at the Performance Trust Capital Partners, who noted voting members of the Fed indicated rates could, in fact, rise later this year. Whether or not the Federal government shuts down Friday amid a budget impasse could also move the markets, Battle said. In the meantime, stocks continued to grind higher.

"We’ve had oil at $107 a barrel, trouble in the Middle East, a nuclear disaster in Japan, and the stock market trades up 50 points everyday," Battle said.

Investors who make bets the market will go down, also known as "shorts," have been "squeezed out of the market the last six months," he added. "You can’t fight it, it keeps grinding higher."

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