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Illinois pays more to borrow as investors worry about state's prospects

April 25, 2018
The Bond Buyer

Illinois faced higher borrowing costs Wednesday compared to its previous bond sale. Although facing rising rates and fiscal woes, the state saw competitive bids on the initial release of $500 million in general obligation bonds. Brian Battle of Performance Trust commented on the pricing and the market’s interest as we see a selloff in treasuries.

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Stocks and oil up, but US dollar slips amid ongoing geopolitical risk

April 8, 2018

Stocks climbed in global markets on Monday while Wall Street faced a drop before close. This comes while the U.S. and China share political rhetoric of a trade war. Brian Battle of Performance Trust commented on the upcoming speech from China President Xi Jinping.

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Court ruling tied to Illinois workers' pay adds to state's fiscal pain

April 2, 2018
The Bond Buyer

A court mandate on payroll expenses for state unions workers will add to the fiscal strains that Illinois is already facing. Moody’s was reluctant to downgrade Illinois into the speculative grading after the Illinois Supreme Court declined to hear Governor Bruce Rauner’s appeal of an appellate court decision. Brian Battle commented on the decision, the fiscal shock to the state, and the rating companies’ reluctance to downgrade Illinois further at this time.

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Wall Street Tumbles on Tech Sector, Trade War Worries

April 2, 2018
New York Times

Wall Street plunged on Monday as trade war concerns sparked a selloff in a number of industries. Brian Battle of Performance Trust added more clarity to the selloff, detailing how the tech selloff encompassed more than the tech sector.

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