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Battle: Best, Worst of Times for Traders, Investors

May 17, 2011

Brian Battle of Performance Trust Capital Partners tells MarketWatch Radio's Larry Kofsky that this is a "very difficult time to be an investor, but it's a great time to be a trader because there's a lot of market movement and a lot of interesting things happening in the headlines."

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European Debt Crisis Weighed US Stocks, DOW Fell More Than 100 Points

May 16, 2011
USA Market News

Stocks fell rapidly at the mid session on Friday as the common currency dropped and the greenback appreciated, stated Brian Battle, vice president of trading at Chicago-based Performance Trust Capital Partners. The analyst added that stats showed that stocks had climbed more than 6.00% so far this year and were fully valued, meaning stocks had more risk for downside.

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Stocks End Mostly Down for Week; Nasdaq Gains

May 13, 2011

Stocks began falling fast at mid-afternoon on Friday as the Euro fell and the dollar strengthened. Also, bonds rallied, signaling bond investors have “no fear of growth and inflation,” said Brian Battle, vice president of trading at the Chicago-based Performance Trust Capital Partners. That combined with the fact stocks have risen more than 6 percent so far this year and are fully valued, means stocks are at more risk for downside, Battle said. “We need more confirming evidence of a recovery and we’re not getting it,” he said.

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