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U.S. Government Bonds Pull Back

May 18, 2017
Wall Street Journal

U.S. government bonds pulled back on Thursday after the biggest rally of the year the previous day. Upbeat labor market and manufacturing data deflated concerns of the growth outlook, offsetting political uncertainty. Andrew Pace of Performance Trust commented on the market trends through this political climate and investors’ expectations compared to the reality.

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Bondholder’s Lament: You Used to Call Me (But No Longer)

May 12, 2017
Wall Street Journal

As rates have quickly risen in the market, fewer debt borrowers have taken advantage of the “call” provisions in some debt. Andrew Pace commented on the trend as the government called just $6.8 billion in debt in the first quarter of 2017, marking the lowest number since the April-to-June period of 2006.

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Puerto Rico's filing fuels speculation about Illinois

May 9, 2017
Bond Buyer

As Puerto Rico filed its Title III petition for bankruptcy relief, talk turned to Illinois and its likelihood of seeking a court-supervised forum. Illinois continues to grow its mounting debt as the state nears its’ second year without a budget. Brian Battle commented on the current affairs in the state and the likelihood of Illinois following Puerto Rico.

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U.S. April job gains rebound, unemployment drops to 4.4 percent

May 5, 2017

The U.S. job growth rebounded in April and the unemployment percentage dropped to mark a near 10-year low. Brian Battle commented on the news and the overall expectations, as well as the outlook going forward.

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