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Bond Volatility: Do the Math

September 29, 2016
Financial Advisor

The 10-year Treasury note yields have dropped by nearly 30% since the beginning of 2016, yet many on Wall Street keep predicting a looming rate hike. Jason Stuck, Director of Analytics at Performance Trust, weighs in on the subject stating, “With everyone trying to predict how soon the Fed might raise rates, we’re telling advisors that doing some basic math can reduce a lot of the guesswork involved in reassessing clients’ bond holdings.” Stuck illustrates various rate scenarios before concluding with the statement, “It’s not exactly rocket science, but the idea we’re trying to get across to advisors is that bonds lend themselves to being mathematically analyzed in a way that you can’t do with stocks.”

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Factbox: Market participants react to U.S. presidential debate

September 26, 2016

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump traded barbs and accusations Monday night in the first debate between the two ahead of the Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election. Brian Battle, director of trading at Performance Trust Capital Partners in Chicago weighs in on the subject stating, "Debate really was not outside expectations. Trump was Trump and Clinton kept calm and seemed bemused. It was underwhelming on policy and there were no gaffes or revelations. It was a personality debate, not a policy discussion."

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Chicago Budget Will Boost Police Spending

September 22, 2016
Bond Buyer

Chicago plans to bolster its police ranks as part of a broader plan to tackle a skyrocketing homicide rate that some believe threatens to undercut the city's recent fiscal progress. Spiking crime and the national headlines it spurs have a "corrosive" effect on the city's overall image and when that happens "people leave," warned Brian Battle, director of trading at Performance Trust Capital Partners. The city has to show that it is doing what's needed to protect the "the health, safety, and welfare" of residents, Battle said. "I think the mayor is being shrewd" in his fresh announcements.

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