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Chicago Investors' Conference Set the Table for October Budget Release

September 23, 2019
The Bond Buyer

Investors welcomed the opportunity to meet and hear directly from Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, but they remain hungry to see the details of how she will tackle an $838 million deficit. “She's reiterating the same points that everything is on the table, that she's going to be tough, and there's going to be shared sacrifice,” said Brian Battle, director of trading at Performance Trust Capital Partners. “I’ve already heard that speech” but am “cautiously optimistic. The mayor is so far who she said she would be” on ethics reforms and other subjects but “we will find out” Oct. 23 if that remains the case.

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Summer Surge in Bank M&A Feels Like Distant Memory

September 09, 2019
American Banker

“Even if the same forward economics are favorable, the emotional connection to the market can slow transactional activity.” Performance Trust’s Bart Smith, along with Daryle DiLascia, commented on M&A in the American Banker.

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Wall St Rises on Strong Chinese Data, Hong Kong and Brexit News

September 04, 2019

Performance Trust's Brian Battle speaks about how tensions in Hong Kong and Brexit are impacting the market. 

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Chicago Mayor Sends Signals to the Muni Market

September 03, 2019
The Bond Buyer

The municipal bond market has a message for the Chicago Mayor and Performance Trust’s Brian Battle commented in The Bond Buyer about his thoughts. 

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