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Enterprise Shape ManagementTM

The Evolution of Asset Liability Management

Is your Asset Liability Management system lying to you... or at least letting you down? If your A/L Management solution is limited to separate economic value (EV) and income simulation analyses, at a minimum it isn’t providing you with the whole truth. Meanwhile, unsophisticated modeling or faulty underlying assumptions might actually be providing you with misleading information. And aside from these minimal standards, is it doing everything for you that it could?

Questions to ask about your ALM Solution:

  • Have you turned to your ALM system to find improved earnings and wealth for your institution?
  • Has it been the source of new strategies, not just a check for compliance?
  • Have you used your system at the line-item level to select product offerings or to set pricing?
  • Does it empower you to interpret income simulation and EV simultaneously, to evaluate risk in the context of reward, and vice-versa?
  • Does your current solution help you to manage—or merely comply?

We are proud to provide you with Enterprise Shape Management™ (ESM), a breakthrough consulting service and A/L Management solution that applies a disciplined methodology to combine the strengths of EV and income simulation while resolving their traditional limitations. Finally, an approach specifically designed to fit your institution's particular needs is available that can take you beyond asset liability compliance and into the realm of empowered balance sheet management.

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