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Banks and drillers launch IPOs amid oil recovery

June 17, 2017
Houston Chronicle

A resurgent Houston economy, along with rising energy prices and a stock market rally, has led Paul Murphy to take his bank on a tour through Wall Street. Cadence Bancorporation made its stock market debut in April after its better outlook on oil and energy producers. Performance Trust’s Dan Bass shared his insight into the region’s banking trends and the opportunities stemming from a gaining energy industry.

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Bank of Austin charts a new financial course with focus on small, mid-sized businesses

May 25, 2017
Austin Business Journal

After a decade of silence, Texas’s community banking sector is hearing rumblings of a startup in North Austin. For the first time since 2009, a brand new bank will be built in the state of Texas. Dan Bass commented on the news and the demand within the market for new banks to service small businesses.

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