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Institutional Market Access & Execution for RIAs

Performance Trust is a well-recognized and trusted participant in institutional bond markets. We have strong coverage from broker/dealer networks and broad access to both new issue markets and key electronic trading platforms. Many of these relationships span more than 20 years and provide high visibility to bond offerings and pricing across several platforms. We leverage these relationships and draw upon our market knowledge and trading expertise to help our advisors understand value and get competitive pricing. Our pricing is transparent and available.

Trusted Partner

Performance Trust’s RIA Group works closely with advisors across the country to produce customized portfolios for their clients. Many of our advisors consider Performance Trust an outsourced fixed-income department and rely upon us to support many of the aspects of bond portfolio construction. We also frequently work with investment teams on special projects that support an important client or prospect meetings. 

Model Portfolios for Advisors

Performance Trust utilizes a rigorous math-based approach that emphasizes the importance of total return. This approach evaluates the potential total return characteristics of multiple different strategies to generate preferred portfolios. Our ongoing process produces model portfolios that our advisors can use to fit with overall client strategies.


Resources for Advisors

  • White labeled proposals for clients
  • Smart multi-client block trade allocator helps optimize allocations and avoid violating constraints (e.g., issuer concentration/maturity violation)
  • Real time credit alerts sent from EMMA/MSRB
  • On-demand portfolio analysis for client or prospect meetings
  • Electronic ticketing file generated for custodial trade settlement


Custom Strategies for Individual Clients

  • State-specific
  • Maturity & duration constraints incorporated
  • Ability to build around legacy holdings


Math-Based Analytical Process Drives Ideas – Download PDF

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