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Our Mission & Values


We exist to inspire financial decision makers to pursue the Path of Great Performance™ and help them achieve results that surpass those they would otherwise attain.


Others have values. We live by them.


  • Decisions, behavior, and character consistently in alignment with our values
  • Seeking, understanding, communicating and applying the truth
  • Following through on our commitments and responsibilities
  • Placing justice before self-interest


  • Superior quality, execution, and responsiveness
  • Exceptional talent, knowledge, and skill
  • Accountable to high standards, challenging goals, and disciplined methods
  • A passion for learning and improvement


  • Successfully leveraging different and complementary talents (1 + 1 > 2)
  • Genuine commitment to our mission and to each other's well-being
  • Sharing resources and empowering each other
  • Mutually respectful, encouraging, and unselfish interaction


  • Mission fulfillment
  • Just, appropriate, and inspiring economic returns for all stakeholders
  • Careful stewardship of all stakeholders' resources and information
  • Appropriate balance in life and business

Excellence + Results = Performance
Integrity + Teamwork = Trust


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