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    Orlando, FL

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  • Principles of Performance Mon, Nov. 7th - Wed, Nov. 9th

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Bond Trust™ Investment Accounting Service

Bond Trust is our investment accounting service for our customers.

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Are you seeking the Path of Great Performance™?

We believe that pursuing the Path of Great Performance is so critical to the success of a client’s investment portfolio, that we stake our very existence on helping others in this mission. Our experienced investment professionals strategically partner with community financial institutions and registered investment advisors to make investment decisions with the aim of producing consistent, significant improvement in their long-term investment performance. With our unique, disciplined approach, we challenge conventional wisdom and unveil common misconceptions through our strategic financial advisory services.

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Weighing In on Barbell CMOs

Weighing In on Barbell CMOs
September 29, 2016
Andrew Pace

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September 26, 2016


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Drivers Behind The Relief Rally

Drivers Behind The Relief Rally
September 21, 2016
Brian Battle

Disciplined investor®


Barbell CMOs

September 6, 2016
Adam Buresh and Andrew Pace

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Important changes to HARP
How exactly has HARP evolved since it was announced in 2009? Check out our detailed timeline for more background on the program’s critical features and changes.

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Performance Trust University

Performance Trust University® offers a premier fixed-income education program, designed to help community financial institutions acquire the tools to ask the right questions and make better risk/reward decisions.

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