We want to arm your institution with the strategies, tools, and insights you need so you can make decisions confidently and remain the heartbeat of your community.

Community Banking - The American Story

You are more than just deposits and loans. You give local businesses the opportunity to strike out on their own and make an impact. You help build homes, neighborhoods, and communities.

Pressures today are high and decisions are more complex. Now, more than ever, your independence and relevance are linked to your financial results. Every basis point matters, and your partners and community are relying on you to make the decisions necessary to continue to fuel your local community and to remain independent.


It is important you have a framework to measure and evaluate your strategic decisions and how they could impact your bottom line over time. To maximize earnings, we apply The Finance of Banking, which compares unlike cash flows over time and across multiple scenarios. By objectively comparing risk versus reward, outcomes of decisions become clear in advance. Our proprietary Shape Management® technology provides your institution with a clear path forward to choose the best strategy for potential long-term success.

Bank financial advisor
Had it not been for the discipline we had been employing with you all over the years and specifically that event in the learning center, we would not have been able to accomplish what we've been able to accomplish… What you all helped us do was protect our earnings and our capital, regardless of what happened to rates.

Alan Lane
Silvergate Bank