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Strategic Planning Starts Here

Community Banking is changing quickly. The fastest rate rise in over two centuries, rapid inflation, and antiquated tools for measuring risk have created a turbulent banking environment, making each capital allocation decision more critical.

Survive or Thrive is a two-day executive-level experience focused on sustainably growing the bottom line of your institution no matter what happens to interest rates or the direction of the economy. This seminar will empower you with a time-tested process to make disciplined, long-term minded finance decisions, efficiently with the goal of growing your institution's value and strategic flexibility.

The program introduces Shape Management®, a framework and tool that gives you clarity and confidence to make better capital allocation decisions. It is designed to be interactive and conversational to help you walk through the pain points your institution is facing and discuss the best potential solutions. We want to arm your institution with the necessary strategies, tools, and insights to help your community thrive. long-term-minded

After completing the course and round-table discussions, you will understand clearly how:

  1. Better tools produce actionable insights
  2. Actionable insights drive great decisions
  3. Great decisions create earnings and growth

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Upcoming Courses

Performance Trust University® is a multi-pronged educational experience that offers a suite of strategic planning and balance sheet management programs for community financial institutions. Our commitment remains focused on delivering high-quality educational programs to help ensure your institution is armed with the right tools to make more confident decisions so that you can achieve long-term success and continue delivering value to your community.