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The Advanced Course®

Your Investment In Education

The Advanced Course is an educational experience created exclusively for our clients. This three-day invitation-only course focuses on timely opportunities and industry challenges. Each year, our Performance Trust University instructors develop three days' worth of new content to provide real-time insights and strategies that can make an impact on your institution's success.

This course will include main stage sessions covering key takeaways, breakout sessions that dive deeper into specific topics, and ongoing networking opportunities. The agenda will focus on your entire balance sheet­­—going beyond the basics to cover everything from capital planning to strategic asset and liability decisions.

We will arm you with the proper tools and insights to help your community succeed. Circumstances change. Principles never change. Performance always matters.

What will you gain from this three-day course? 

  1. Deepens your trust in the principles
  2. Provides a deeper understanding of the methodologies
  3. Allows you to further invest in education for your institution

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