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Exclusive Education

The Advanced Course® is an educational experience created exclusively for our clients. This three-day invitation-only course brings together the brightest minds in community banking and allows our clients to connect with their peers. This course builds on the principles established at our Principles of Performance and Survive or Thrive courses.

Each year, our Performance Trust University instructors develop three days' of new content to provide real-time insights and strategies that can make an impact on your institution's success.

This course includes "TED-Talk" style sessions and in-depth sessions that provide insights that inspire action, all while allowing ample time for networking. The agenda goes beyond the basics and provides advanced ideas and strategies spanning your entire balance sheet.

You'll return to your institution with new insights to drive action while allowing you and your team to thrive in any environment so your community can continue to flourish.

What will you gain from this three-day course? 

  1. Deepens your trust in the principles
  2. Provides a deeper understanding of the methodologies
  3. Allows you to further invest in education for your institution

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