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Why Performance Trust?

The world has changed, and the playing field has shifted. In the wake of the financial crisis, and with atypical competitors like fintech and regtech entering the field, there is a whole host of unique challenges you must now deal with as community financial institutions. This means bad financial decisions now have more impact. We've seen this most overtly with the 400 or so banks that have gone out of business in the past 10 years alone.*

This isn't the first time we've seen a shift in the industry. Nearly 25 years ago, we watched as the industry shifted from issuers issuing products to engineers engineering products—often to the disadvantage of our community financial institutional clients. At the time, our founders worked at a firm that was participating in this culture. They realized the best way we could truly help our clients seek outperformance was to start our own firm.

Since then, we at Performance Trust have challenged ourselves to walk in your shoes and ask ourselves what we would need to make confident, quantified, and complete decisions for our financial institution—all with the goal of achieving our community mission and ensuring our legacy. Faced with our sobering new reality, it is critical that you look at your enterprise as a whole—and make decisions accordingly. To win and remain independent in this new era, you need to frame and make better financial decisions by properly evaluating risk versus reward trade-offs between alternatives, which then gives you the confidence to make better investment decisions that can help you and your shareholders potentially outperform.

To have control over your future—your own destiny—is a powerful thing, especially when you have so many external forces seeking to take it away from you. Instead of watching you continue to lose, we are passionate about helping you succeed. We want you to be a proactive force—and we can help you take that control and shape the future and legacy of your institution’s success.

*Source: FDIC

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