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Strategy, Personalized.

As a financial institution, you are challenged to deliver value not only to your stakeholders but also to your community. Your Path to Independence (YPI) will teach you how to lever Shape Management® to help you to outpace the competition by providing direction on increasing the value of your institution.

Our custom strategy sessions are collaborative experiences created for executive-level decision-makers and board members. Beginning with your strategic plan, budget, and outlook, a team of Performance Trust banking experts across several disciplines come together to deliver a high-quality evaluation of your institution's current position while providing you with actionable advice to help achieve your strategic goals. Upon conclusion of the custom strategy session, your management team will be aligned on the practical next steps for the longevity of your institution.

We currently offer two types of custom sessions, the Executive Strategy session and the Annual Strategy session, both of which are customized to fit your internal planning schedule.

After completing the custom session, you'll understand clearly how:

  1. Better tools produce actionable insights
  2. Actionable insights drive great decisions
  3. Great decisions create earnings and growth

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