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Reinventing Investment Banking

Performance Trust is the largest independent full-service investment banking firm focused on depository institutions. We offer holistic advisory services related to the balance sheet, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory risk positioning, and strategic planning. As a trusted partner, we help you earn your independence through whatever strategic path you choose, whether that be to grow organically, grow through acquisition, or to position your institution for a strategic exit on strong terms.

Our team of investment banking professionals delivers more than 375 years of experience at both large investment banks and specialist firms, completing over 900 cumulative transactions. We are committed to providing expert advice and superior execution to address any of your investment banking needs with a tailored and attentive approach.

Our Services Include:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Debt & Equity Capital Markets
  • Fairness Opinions
  • Underwritings
  • Valuations
  • Mutual to Stock Conversions
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Private Placements
Investment banking firm

Investment banking firm

125+ M&A advisory
transactions since 2013

Investment banking firm

200+ Capital Transactions and $4BN+ Raised Since 2019

Investment banking firm

#1 Placement Agent for Community Bank Sub-Debt (Banks < $5BN)

Meet Our Team

Lee Burrows headshot

Lee Burrows

Vice Chairman of Investment Banking

Daryle DiLascia headshot

Daryle DiLascia

Partner & Head of Investment Banking

Michael Barry headshot

Michael Barry

Head of Northeast Region Investment Banking

Dan Bass headshot

Dan Bass

Head of Southwest Region Investment Banking

Gary McNorrill headshot

Gary McNorrill

Head of Southeast Region Investment Banking

Jeffrey Adams headshot

Jeffrey Adams

Managing Director, Investment Banking

William Brackett headshot

William Brackett

Managing Director, Investment Banking

Andy Hitt headshot

Andy Hitt

Managing Director, Investment Banking

Gary Penrose headshot

Gary Penrose

Managing Director, Investment Banking

Mark Saunders headshot

Mark Saunders

Managing Director, Investment Banking

Matt Shields headshot

Matt Shields

Managing Director, Head of FIG Capital Markets

Gary Svec headshot

Gary Svec

Managing Director, Investment Banking

Matt Kennedy headshot

Matt Kennedy

Managing Director, Investment Banking

Lorenzo Zefferino headshot

Lorenzo Zefferino

Managing Director, Investment Banking

Andrew Yang headshot

Andrew Yang

Director, Investment Banking

Ashish Patel headshot

Ashish Patel

Director, Investment Banking

Drew Taylor headshot

Drew Taylor

Director, Investment Banking

Austin Nicholas headshot

Austin Nicholas

Vice President, Investment Banking