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Richard S. Berg headshot

Richard S. Berg

CEO & Co-Founder

Phil Nussbaum headshot

Phil Nussbaum

Chairman & Co-Founder

Chirag Shah headshot

Chirag Shah


Eric P. Brown headshot

Eric P. Brown

Partner & Senior Managing Director

Brian Leibfried headshot

Brian Leibfried

Co-Head of Client Insights & Analytics

Dave Salutric headshot

Dave Salutric

Co-Head of Client Insights & Analytics

David Gobberdiel headshot

David Gobberdiel

Head of Balance Sheet Strategy

Daryle DiLascia headshot

Daryle DiLascia

Partner & Head of Investment Banking

Mike Kelly headshot

Mike Kelly

Partner & Head of Capital Markets

Bart Smith headshot

Bart Smith

Partner & Head of Risk and Regulatory Support

Craig Johnson headshot

Craig Johnson

Partner & Head of Trading

Jason Elder headshot

Jason Elder

Partner & Managing Director of Corporate Strategy

Pamela Shanahan headshot

Pamela Shanahan

Head of Marketing

Rohit Murjani headshot

Rohit Murjani

Head of Enterprise Shape Managementâ„¢

Carrie Camarda headshot

Carrie Camarda

Head of Bond Trustâ„¢