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Strategic Planning Starts Here

Capital allocation decisions have never been more important than they are right now, especially given the current environment. For some, banks selling is the right answer¬≠¬≠—getting capital out of a dying business is the only move left. But it doesn't have to be that way.

For institutions willing to evolve, innovate, and grow, the future is brighter than ever as uncertainty and volatility create opportunity. Our Earning Your Independence program is geared towards C-suite executives, focusing on the timeliest challenges and high-level strategic decision-making to enable your institution to make choices and remain independent.

The program introduces Shape Management®, a framework that gives you clarity and confidence to make better capital allocation decisions. It is designed to be interactive and conversational to help you walk through the pain points your institution is facing and discuss the best potential solutions. We want to arm your institution with the necessary strategies, tools, and insights to help your community thrive.

After completing the course and round-table discussions, you will understand clearly how:

  1. Better tools produce actionable insights
  2. Actionable insights drive great decisions
  3. Great decisions create earnings and growth

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