Earning Your Independence

65% of the 14,400 U.S. banks from 1984 no longer exist.*

This consolidation wave of the U.S. banking industry has hit community banks the hardest. In this new world of banking, can you sustain your community mission and continue to give back? Can you attract and compensate top-level talent and make your bank a great place to work? Are you able to generate the long-term, sustainable earnings and regulatory standing necessary to exist?

Some banks have thrived while many are just surviving or have disappeared. Are the winners just lucky—or are there strategies available to you which may boost earnings, equity values, and your strategic options?


Managing Risk/Reward Across the Balance Sheet

Earning Your Independence will teach you how to make more valuable strategic investment decisions in a difficult environment. By learning a uniquely integrated approach to managing risk and reward across the balance sheet—used by many of your successful peers—your next strategic step and the future value of your franchise is easier to recognize and defend to shareholders, the board, and regulators.

At the end of the day, whether you are a buyer or a seller, or plan to remain strongly independent, wouldn’t it be nice to confidently position your institution among the winners?

*Source: FDIC


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