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Performance Trust Taps Chief Financial Strategist Eric Meier


November 12, 2015

Diverse Background and Skillset Bring New Perspective to Senior Management Team

Performance Trust announced today the hire of Eric Meier as Managing Director, Chief Financial Strategist, a new role that will include oversight of the company's finance functions across all operations and business units. The addition comes as Performance Trust continues to expand its product offerings as well as office locations.

Meier will utilize his diverse background, which includes 25 years' experience in senior finance, operations and strategic leadership positions, to efficiently manage Performance Trust's continued expansion and effectively anticipate and address challenges associated with the firm's rapid growth. The company, founded in 1994 above the Starbucks in Wheaton, Illinois and now headquartered in Chicago, has in recent years launched offices in Connecticut, Houston, New Orleans, Hawaii, and on the West Coast, and has increased in size from 100 employees to more than 200 in the past five years.

"Eric will wear many different hats," Performance Trust CEO Rich Berg said. "His depth and breadth of experience demonstrates that not only did we find a talented finance individual, but also someone who can connect all the dots. He's had his hands in accounting, operations, financial technology, strategy, HR, marketing and project management, and in that sense, he's a truly unique addition. We anticipate that his contribution will be invaluable."

Meier has spent time in industries ranging from global capital markets and asset management to technology and financial advisory.

"The opportunities at Performance Trust - and across the company's various business lines - are astounding," Meier said. "It's not your classic buttoned-down, day-to-day company but one with a forward-thinking methodology, a culture centered around education, and customer performance, and what stood out most to me is that while they've grown and re-worked the piping and the plumbing, the DNA hasn't changed. There are - as there always have been - so many growth opportunities."

Prior to joining Performance Trust, Meier previously held senior leadership positions as CFO and COO of Washington Wealth Management LLC, headquartered in San Diego, California. Before moving out west, Meier was Managing Director and COO of TransMarket Group LLC in Chicago, as well as Vice President of Strategy at the Chicago Board of Trade. He has a Master of Business Administration from The University of Chicago.

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