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Want to buy a bank? Beware of this common oversight

March 23, 2015
Houston Business Journal

Banks in Houston are definitely revving up to make some deals this year. While wheeling and dealing, there is one component of negotiations that industry players say is often overlooked and can represent quite an expense to the buyer: data processing contracts. "I've seen too many deals break up over huge DP (data processing) contract cancellation fees," said Dan Bass, managing director at Performance Trust Capital Partners LLC.

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Cadence Bancorp finds investors even as energy casts shadow

March 17, 2015
Houston Chronicle

Houston's Cadence Bancorp went looking for capital to pay for growth initiatives and was able to reel in $50 million, despite fears from some investors that low oil prices will hammer banks in markets with a strong energy industry presence. "We really didn't have any trouble finding investors," Paul Murphy, CEO and president of Houston-based Cadence Bancorp, said in an interview. Dan Bass, managing director of investment banking for bank advisory firm Performance Trust Capital Partners, said the $50 million is a good sign for the bank.

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