Jason A. Elder

Partner & Managing Director of Corporate Strategy

Jason's teaching style and expertise in strategy is the product of his diverse business experiences and unique educational background. He studied both Chemistry and English as an undergraduate, and interned at Argonne National Laboratory, where he assisted in the synthesis of organic donor molecules for novel organic superconductors. After graduation, he started and ran an International Trading Company that represented a number of leading North American food and beverage brands in the southern cone of South America, including Frito-Lay, Borden, Stroh’s Brewing Company, and Cerveceria Modelo.

Jason attended the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, and was one of six original employees at Performance Trust Capital Partners when the firm opened its doors in 1994. As a partner at Performance Trust, he has created new methods for teaching and distributing the firm’s unique methodology to financial institutions across the country

Jason has spoken at seminars sponsored by banking organizations, regulatory agencies, and graduate schools of banking for more than 15 years. These groups include SNL Financial, The BAI, ABA, FHLB, FDIC, various Federal Reserve banks, and many state and local associations. Jason particularly enjoys making difficult concepts clear and interesting. His presentations are always designed with immediate takeaways to help financial institutions improve performance.